Havertown Life began as an Instagram account in June 2017. It features photos of everyday life in our community.

The account grew quickly, and it was clear that there is an appetite for a hyperlocal lifestyle/news source in Havertown.


I am Karen Race, a writer, communications specialist and former reporter with the News of Delaware County. I have always loved the neighborhood feel of Havertown. Although I grew up a few miles away in Radnor Township, I spent a lot of time in Havertown as a kid because I had many friends who lived here.  I now live in the wonderful Marilyn Park section of  Havertown with my husband and two kids.


HavertownLife is a place to tell the stories of the people and places of our community.

Please let me know if there’s something in particular you would like to see in this space.


I will post as frequently as I can on the blog – which, admittedly, is not as frequently as I would like (for now).  The Instagram page is updated almost daily, and is our primary social media vehicle. We are also on Facebook and Twitter.