Housing is Hot in Havertown

You may have heard that Havertown’s real estate market is particularly in demand lately. Maybe a house in your neighborhood sold in a matter of days – or even hours – or a neighbor was able to sell their house for a nice profit. Maybe you’re thinking about selling your Havertown home?

Throughout the spring, I kept hearing conversation about Havertown’s housing market, and even started seeing regular Facebook posts asking for leads on houses that would soon be available for sale. In March of this year, Havertown was named one of the area’s 11 Hottest Towns by Main Line Today magazine.

A map from Zillow.com showing all active homes for sale in Havertown

According to Coldwell Banker, as I write this, there are 87 homes for sale in Havertown and the median home price is $350,000.

I spoke with two real estate agents who work in the Havertown market. Both are also Havertown natives and current residents themselves: Erica Deuschle and Kevin Toll.

HavertownLife: How was the spring market in Havertown this year? 

Erica Deuschle: The spring market was crazy. Inventory was at an all-time low, and that drives values up.

Kevin Toll: The demand is amazing. Lack of inventory is the main thing. We always felt Havertown could become a hotbed, because the home values are at the mid-point of neighboring towns. I’ve been told Havertown is one of the hottest markets in Pennsylvania.

Recently sold listing (photo courtesy of Kevin and Megan Toll)

HL: What’s bringing buyers to Havertown?

Erica Deuschle:  Havertown has always been a place people want to live, and the market has always been good. I have been working in this market for 10 years, and every year we are selling more.

People like the walkability of certain neighborhoods in Havertown, the culture, schools, and something I think is unique about Havertown is the economic diversity. You have every income level under the sun here. People work hard to maintain their properties, and every neighborhood has their own nook.

Kevin Toll: A lot of my clients are having kids and looking for a house where they will raise their family. The location of Havertown, with accessibility to the city and the highways, is a draw for some people. And then you have people who grew up here, and want to stay here because they are happy and close to their family.  It’s a family town.

There is demand coming from the city, and now you see the restaurants and businesses coming in, it’s all attractive to people who are used to walking places. We have sidewalks, even in the quieter neighborhoods. There’s just a feel to Havertown that people like.

110 ivy rock
For Sale: 110 Ivy Rock Lane, Havertown (Listed by Erica Deuschle)

HL: Are there specific neighborhoods in Havertown that are more popular than others?

ED: It depends on the buyer, but there’s demand across Havertown. When I have buyers coming from the city who really want to be able to walk everywhere, they may be more interested in the Brookline or Penfield neighborhoods, for example.

KT: It’s across the board. The tricky part can be finding the type of house you want in the neighborhood you want.

64 w hillcrest
The backyard of one of Erica Deuschle’s recent listings in Havertown

HL: What are you most excited about in Havertown right now?

ED: I have always felt Havertown was a great place to live. I grew up here, moved away for a little while, but then came back for that reason. There is a great community and a lot of history.

KT: The economic development is great to see. The restaurants and there’s just a good overall vibe here. We have activities, festivals, and people get to know each other and enjoy life.

412 lincoln avenue
412 Lincoln Ave, listed by the Kevin Toll Group, has 3 beds and 2.5 baths.

HL: What would you tell someone who wants to buy in Havertown?

ED: Interview agents. Look for full-time agents. If you’re buying in Havertown now, you almost need an “in.” I think it’s really important to find an agent who understands the market on a hyper-local level.

KT: You definitely want a full-time agent. Be ready to make a strong offer.







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