Rocking Out on Eagle Road: The New Kelly Center

Over the past six years, a small group of committed individuals have made Havertown a more musical town. Kelly Music for Life is the non-profit organization responsible for establishing the annual Haverford Spring Fest, Havertown Irish Festival, and Concert in the Park series.

summer concert
Dancing at Merwood Park last summer (Photo: Erin Ingraffia/ Five & Dime Studio Photography)

Led by Havertown resident Tom Kelly, the all-volunteer organization has created opportunities for both musicians and the community alike, and all proceeds go back into local charities and initiatives benefiting Haverford Township and the surrounding communities.

“In 2010, the Haverford Township Civic Council approached me about creating more arts and music-related events,” said Kelly. “We launched the Haverford Music Festival the following year.”

The Music Festival was so well-received that Tom, along with his wife Sheri, as well as his brother Paul and his wife Susan,  decided to set up a separate non-profit organization dedicated to creating more opportunities for community-building through music and arts. Kelly Music for Life was born.


“Offering music and arts related events is all part of having a well-rounded community,” says Kelly.

Now they are taking on their biggest project yet. The Kelly Center for Music, Arts and the Community will set up shop at 4 Eagle Road. The Center will be home to professional music performances, after-school and senior programs, art exhibits, poetry readings; anything related to creative expression and – this is important -accessible to all ages.

“Over the years, I have been exposed to the talent of the young people in our community,” Kelly says. “There aren’t enough opportunities for them to perform. The only option for live music in Havertown right now is in the bars.”

There will also be programs aimed at the senior population of the community, which is a group that can often be overlooked in community activities.

Since Tom Kelly and his wife Sheri moved to Havertown in 1989, they have been actively involved in the community as volunteers. Tom’s love of music, and professional background in radio broadcasting, have led him to understand that music has the power to connect people.

Havertown, in particular, is full of people willing to “step up and make the town better,” says Kelly. “I have lived in a lot of places and not every town is like that.”

Architectural renderings courtesy of Kelly Music for Life


In order to make the Kelly Center a reality, the organization has launched a major fundraising campaign. To support this enhancement to our community, donate online:


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